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My passion lies in capturing moments that tell stories. That freezes time and allows your to relive those fleeting memories. I consider myself a modern photographer leaving behind the forced poses and embracing the beauty in the movement and love that is your family, your story. 

I am a New Mexico girl who found myself living in the beauty of the Midwest. I am forgiven and loved through grace, as a daughter of the king. I am the bride to most loving and incredible husband and the mom to three wonderful little ladies. I love freshly pressed espresso in the morning as the sunrise seeps into our living room, the wind rushing through my hair, and sitting on my porch swing. 

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A believer, a wife, a mom, a friend, and a creative. 

I have always loved taking photos, not simply because of the photo I was capturing but because of the subjects in front of my lens. I long to freeze time, or better yet to go back and relive some of my favorite memories, and I believe that is what photography allows us to do. It allows us to capture a moment that is so near and dear to life. It allows us to walk down memory lane with loved ones that have past, babies that have grown, and "I do's" stated decades before.


It was these feelings that pushed my desire to pick up my camera and capture my first born, Eloise Jeanne. The days were flying by and no matter what I did I could not make time stop, or could I? I could freeze her forever in my frame, and that is what I did! 

The desire to capture my own little turned into a passion to serve others, to use my gift to walk life with friends old and new. To share what I saw through my lens, and grow in my skills! I have sought great mentors, taken several course, but nothing compares to trial and error learned over time.

My passion is creating lifelong memories that you, your children, and your grandchildren look back in decades to come. Before I deliver your gallery I make sure each photo is perfect, and tells the story you want to tell. My joy comes from serving you through my photography, and I praise the lord for gifting me! 


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